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Originally Posted by Akhannn View Post
Hi everyone. I am from Multan and the attempt I have to give is of 2023. I have three questions:

1)when should I start my preparation: when to join academy and when to do self study.

2) As there is no good academy for css in multan. Should I prefer "JWT lahore" or "CSPs Islamabad?" Kindly suggest the one which is sincere with students and guides properly for the new students who have no idea about CSS.

3) I recently did my BS and now I plan to study for css, leaving behind my chance of MPhil rn. I am a mediocre student, is it possible for me? I am afraid, css has a lot of syllabus how am i gonna remember everything.
Hello Khan,

Answering your first question, IMO the best time to start preparing for CSS is now. So, First of all, you must begin with choosing your optional subjects and as wise men say that you must choose them as you choose your wife. (But, Only this time you will have to choose 5 at once).

Secondly, as you referred that you are a mediocre student but have the advantage of time. So, you must practice reading and comprehension a lot. (For that, refer to the books given in syllabus or dawn and other magazines ). + Start memorizing vocabulary. It will improve your written expression along with providing a chance of a scoring great in English precis and composition.

Thirdly, Read, Read and Read and improve your English as much as you can in a few months.

Coming to your second question, the best academies for CSS are World Times Academy (Lahore), NOA Academy (Lahore) and CSPs (Islamabad) respectively, but this year NOA academy had the highest ratio of allocations in CSS (32/212 total).

PROs of WTI:
1. Limited Batch Divided Into Groups (For Individual Attention).
2. Most Experienced Faculty.

1. Higher Fees (80-85k)

PROs of NOA:
1. Relatively Lower Fees (70k for 4 months)
2. Higher Percentage of Allocations. (CSS 2020).

1. Huge Strength of a Class.

On the other hand, i do not have any info about CSPs.

Lastly, Have belief in yourself brother. Any one can do CSS if their desire exceeds their fear. As a wise man once said: "Those who say 'they can do it' and those who say 'they can not' are both usually right".

So, it does not matter if you were a mediocre student yesterday, what matters now is how you will be on the day of CSS Exam and that pretty much depends on how you act on daily basis till then.

All the Best.
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