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Default Review my outline.

I'm preparing for the CSS 2022. This is my first attempt at an essay. Kindly review my outline.
“Do not waste water even if you were at a running stream.”
I. Introduction
Thesis statement: “Water must not be wasted as it is already scarce in many regions with depleting reserves all over the world. The biggest contribution towards saving water for contemporaries and future generations can be made by simply not wasting it. Wasting water is equal to wasting life because water is not just important for life; water is life.”
II. Why water should not be wasted?
i. Water is the most essential resource for life becoming scarce day by day.
ii. Water shortages are prevailing all over the world, mainly due to mismanagement.
iii. The precarious water crisis in Pakistan is a case in point.
III. What are the manifest implications of wasting water?
i. Wasting water can intensify scarcity of fresh water for drinking purposes.
ii. Lack of water for proper sanitation can expose people to various diseases resulting in poor health standards.
iii. Non-availability of water for agricultural use can eventually lead to food scarcity.
iv. Commercialization of water in case of water shortage can increase the cost of living.
v. Excessive extraction of water can result in the destruction of natural habitat of fresh water organisms.
IV. What will be the benefits of water conservation in the long run?
i. It will ensure the biological survival of mankind with adequate fresh water resources for present and future generations.
ii. Ample water will be available for sanitation leading to low rate of propagation of diseases.
iii. Sufficient water will be available for agricultural use in order to guarantee an uninterrupted supply of food.
iv. Effective exploitation of conserved water will help to unveil the untapped potential of hydropower.
V. How not to waste water?
i. Awareness campaigns should be launched through electronic and print media to educate the masses on the repercussions of wasting water.
ii. Reformation of agricultural sector is indispensable for reduction of water wastage.
iii. The use of water-efficient techniques and machines should be encouraged in industries, offices and homes.
iv. Laws should be promulgated for the safety and protection of already existing water reservoirs.
VI. Conclusion
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