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Originally Posted by kinzakhokher View Post
Pros and Cons of Globalization: Introduction
Apple, an American multinational technology company, launched its new “iPhone 12 series” in 2020. Within 7 months, it reached in the hands of more than a hundred million users. On the other hand, a novel coronavirus erupted in China in 2019 and soon reached every part of the world. With more than 200 million people infected, the coronavirus evolved from an epidemic into a pandemic within a short span of time. What caused this remarkable increase in iPhone’s sales and Coronavirus cases in such a short span of time? Indeed, it was the interconnectedness provided by globalization which has exhibited its merits and demerits over the time. Since globalization is a natural process and has continued to affect human life for ages, the profound impacts of this phenomenon over the human civilization can be observed clearly. It has integrated people in social, cultural, political, economic and technological domains. People are now socially more connected, culturally more tolerant, politically more aware, economically more progressed and technologically more advanced. Interpersonal communication, cultural understanding, political cooperation, international organizations, global economic boost and scientific revolution are some of the commendable achievements of globalization. However, all that glitters is not gold. Amid the rapid growth and overall progress, the dangerous repercussions of globalization were ignored which later manifested themselves. The globalized world is more vulnerable to socio-economic disparities, cyber security threats, political and cultural exploitation and climate and health-related risks because of its interconnectedness. Hence, Globalization is a rose which has benefited millions with its charm of social interaction, cultural harmony, economic development, global cooperation and technological boom but it comes with thorns of social inequalities, economic and political exploitation, cyber security threats, climate change and global health risks. The prospects are, however, far brighter than the repercussions.
This is a good introduction. I think you need to improve the last line. The last line of the intro is supposed to be the thesis statement.
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