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Post CSS 2022 - Preparing Optional Subjects, Particularly Criminology

Hello everyone.

I'm a CSS 2022 aspirant and am just starting out in my journey. Having an educational background in business administration, I've selected the following optional subjects for myself:

1. International Relations
2. History of USA
3. Business Administration
4. Criminology
5. Sociology

The reason behind the selection of such topics is that IR and US history have a substantial amount of syllabus overlapping (with CA as well). As for Bus Admin & Sociology, I have covered them in my undergraduate degree.

For criminology, however, my sole reason for selection is that I have heard it is a high scoring subject - and none of the other subjects piqued my interest.

Thus, I want to know if there is anyone here who has previously scored well in any of these subjects (most importantly Criminology) and can provide apt guidance.

Thank you!
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