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Default Please check this outline as well.

Gender equality is a myth!
I. Introduction
Thesis statement:
Gender equality is not a myth in the modern world rather it is achievable in an inclusive and participatory society with equitable standards and equal opportunities.
II. Why gender equality is considered a myth?
i. Due to biological differences between men and women, people believe that gender equality is not practical.
ii. The presence of a strong patriarchal culture since ages disfavors the prospects of true gender equality.
III. Why there has been gender inequality in the world?
i. Physical strength had been considered the criteria for success in early hunter-gatherer societies which led to male-dominated socio-political structures.
ii. Patriarchal societies offered unequal social, political and economic opportunities to women, resulting in the promotion of gender-based discrimination.
IV. Why gender equality is not a myth?
i. Scientifically, men and women both have equal potential to excel in any field in the modern world.
ii. History is evident that given equal opportunities, women have always performed as good, if not better, as men in all walks of life.
iii. In the modern world, excellence is being determined by character and intellectual prowess rather than physical strength.
iv. Social structures are evolving all over the world with greater acceptance of equal roles of genders.
v. Politics is a level playing field irrespective of gender as it has produced exceptional men and women of equal caliber.
vi. The importance of an inclusive economy with equal participation of both genders has been accentuated for the progress of any country.
V. How gender equality can be achieved?
i. Break typical stereotypes regarding gender roles through gender sensitive education.
ii. Target all forms of discrimination, violence and harmful practices against women through effective policy making.
iii. Ensure provision of equal rights and equal opportunities to encourage participation of women in all spheres of life.
iv. Incentivize female work force to include them in the economic progress of the country.
v. Adopt sound policies and effective legislation for the promotion of gender equality and women empowerment.
VI. Conclusion
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