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Default Brains, Like Hearts, Go Where They are Appreciated

Artists, having completed their pieces of art, wish to present them to the public. They go through a fulfilling experience once their art is appreciated and acknowledged. Picasso drew because the masses would flock to his expos. The Beatles would sing because thousands would fill their concerts. Ghalib would write because the Palace would look forward to his recitals every Friday. The same is true for doctors, scientists, engineers, architects and other professionals who carry in them any art. While people may not flock to watch a doctor treating his patient, the appreciation is showed in other ways that include, but are not limited to, good monetary compensation, high regard in the society, or acknowledgement by the state, society and media. It is thus that talented professionals aspire to fly to European or North-American countries where their talent is more likely to be appreciated- financially and socially. Dr. Zia Ur Rahman, the first Civil Engineer to design a 30-story high-rise, had to prove his mettle in the U.S. after Bangladesh failed to recognize his creative potential. Dr. Abdul Salam, having failed to attract appreciation from the Government of Pakistan, left for Zurich only to receive a Nobel Prize in Physics. Had the same appreciation and support been given to the aforementioned individuals in Pakistan, the country would have retained them and benefitted from their creative potential. It would be unfair to lay the responsibility solely over the state since the society, too, has a great role to play in supporting, appreciating and acknowledging such brains that have the potential to make a difference. Unless the society and the state realises this fact, brains will keep draining into other countries that appreciates their wit.
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