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Originally Posted by Prosparynaa View Post
Global Power Dynamics and Foreign Policy
of Pakistan

1.1- Insight into the changing global power
1.2- Pakistan's foreign policy-Irrational, generous and impulsive-everything a foreign policy should not be

2. Global Power Dynamics
2.1- Evolving from a Unipolar to a multipolar world with emerging
powers including China,India,Australia and Brazil
2. 2- Shifting balance of domination: Militarily to economically
- The US ending its military engagements in Afghanistan and
- -US-China trade war
-South China Sea controversy
-OBRI vs B3W
- Israel's domination in the middle east despite its size
2.3-Rise of China as the next superpower
2.4-The growing US-China conflict- The beginning of a new cold war?
2.5- Emergency of Russia into the global political picture
2.6- Upsurge of Populism and Nationalistic sentiments- An antidote to
-Modi's Hindutva's exclusion of minorities
-Brexit as the edifice of EU's fragmentation
2.7- Resurrection of Taliban and its implications on the global power
order and regional stablity
2.8 Middle East- A conflict zone and home of proxy wars

3-Pakistan's foreign policy- Determinants
3.1- Geography
3.2- Political
3.3- Economical
3.4- Religious

4-Pakistan's foreign Policy - Current Scenario
4.1- Deepening resentment with India over Kashmir issues leading to obscured political and economical ties.
4.2- China-Pakistan ties in the backdrop of CPEC and US-China conflict
4.3- The apparent hopes and threats of the new Taliban 2.0 government
4.4- Changing dynamics of the US-Pak relations with special refrence to Afghanistan and the former's tilt towards India
4.5- Pakistan's relation with the European Union- It's 3rd largest exporter
4.6- Cordial relations with the Muslim world with special reference to Turkey, Saudia and Malaysia
4.7- Support for the Palestinian cause and it's subsequent sour relations with Israel
4.8- Neutral stance in the Middle Eastern conflict.


Good outline, arguments specifically in the global dynamics are convincing. But the ones given in Pakistan's foreign policy sound more like issues. This doesn't mean they are wrong but thing is they need to be rephrased.
It should highlight how Pakistan has aligned its foreign policy under such dynamics. "Determinants" are not necessary. Recommendations for what? make it clear. Don't just leave headings on the way.

Hope it helps!
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