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Pakistan Affairs 2018 MCQs

1. Which monument is inscribed on the back of 5000 note? Faisal Mosque

2. Simla agreement was signed in: 1972

3. Comrade's editor was: Maulana Muhammad Ali Jauhar

4. "Pakistan A Hard Country" was written by: Anatol Lieven

5. First Commander in Chief of Pakistan was: Frank Messervy

6. Who replaced Nazim-Ud-Din as Premier: Muhammad Ali Bogra?

7. Which Round Table Conference was not attended by Allama Iqbal? First Round Table Conference

8. Nadwatul Uloom was founded in: 1894

9. Purpose of Cripps Mission was: to get support for World War-II

10. First Chief Minister of Sindh after independence: Muhammad Ayub Khuhro

11. Pakistan became Islamic Republic in: 1956

12. Last Speaker of National Assembly of United Pakistan: Abdul Jabbar Khan

13. Convergence point of five rivers in Pakistan is: Panjnad, Ali Pur

14. When elections for second constituent National Assembly were held? 1955

15. Brahmo Samaj was founded by: Ram Mohan Roy

16. The founder of the Republican Party in 1955 was: Khan Abdul Jabbar Khan

17. Murree is located at which mountainous range: Pir Panjal Range

18. Muslim seats in Interim Viceroy Executive Council: Five

19. Partition of Bengal was annulled under which Brutish Monarch: King George V

20. Designer of Dars-e-Nizami in Sub-continent was: Mulla Nizamuddin

Note: Corrections will be appreciated
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