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amubarak will become famous soon enough

Red Hawk: I prepared from Islami Nazria i Hayat by Khursheed Ahmed and attempted the paper in Urdu. I didnt mean to write answers so short (3-4 pages) for a 14 marks question, its just that after HSSC one rarely writes urdu in a hurry, i was completely out of practise for writing urdu as fast as i manage to write english.

Lord AvaLon: thanks and i am a female.

P.S. i guess i should have kept journalism instead of mercantile law, but mercantile law's syllabus seemed shorter and you should be knowing by this time, writng long answers is not one of my favourite jobs. Thats why i lost marks in essay, my essay was just 1800 words long. After writing some 12 odd pages on global warming, i was running out of quality points and wrapped it up.
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