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Default @ Omer and Raz

@ Omer

My scores in Accounting 172 ( I partially missed one question of Cost accounting of 20 marks) I prepared M.Law from M.C.Kutchel and M.Law by Cheema sb and Orbitration act from Ilmi publishers. I studied M.Law in Module-B way back in December 2004.

@ Raz

Books on Accounting are mentioned in the Group -A subjects sub forum, all the books mentioned are perfectly good, as i have mentioned earlier that I am from CA field so i did not have to prepare s i already had good knowledge and practise of topics included in CSS syllabus. I suffered due to Indo-Pak (80 marks) pak Affairs (40), Current affairs (45), Islamyat (47) but had good scores in my field subjects like accounting (172) and Mercantile Law (84)

For mercantile Law, you can use "Mercantile Law by M.C.Kuchel-an Indian Author) and Mercantile Law by Cheema sb + Law of Arbitration Act handout easily available at not crame, jsut purify your concepts and apply them accordingly during paper. Neither of my aswers were more than one page in Mercantile law and my complete paper was of aroung 5 and a half page long which i completed in around 45 minutes. Which means you have not to write long stories, just answer whatever is asked, avoid exaggeration,remain to the point and accurate. Insh Allah u'll surely ger 80+ in this solid subject
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