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Well actually. There is no answers for questions like this. Linguistics problems arise here. But still if you want an answer then ;

In the simplest terms possible, politics is what people do to get and retain power. Governance is how they use that power once they have it.

So, running an election campaign, dealing with the media, making yourself look good and your opponents look bad, drawing up a manifesto, things like that are all part of the phenomenon we call politics. Governance involves things like making and repealing laws, holding diplomatic meetings with foreign leaders, setting taxes and managing the national budget, handling matters of war and national defence.

As a side note, one could say that all governance is political, (because decisions made in power are always made with re-election in mind), but not all politics is about governance (because anyone, including those with no power at all, can be involved in politics).

They are same yet they are so different.
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