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(2) The Cuban Missile Crisis occurred in:

(a) 1960 (b) 1961 (c) 1962 (d) one of these.

Ans: 1962
3) NATO was formed in:

(a) 1948 (b) 1949 (c) 1950 (d) None of these.
Ans: 1949
(4) SEATO was formed in:

(a) 1953 (b) 1954 (c) 1955 (d) None of these.
Ans: 1954
(5) NAM was formed in:

(a) 1955 (b) 1961 (c) 1962 (d) None of these.
Ans: (d) none of theseI think
8) Saile Brakat is: -

(a) An Israeli Statesman (b) A leader of East Timor
(c) Chief Palestinian negotiator (d) None of these. -
Ans: (C) cheif Palestine negotiator
(9) Pamila Parker is:

(a) A British Actress (b) An American Senator -
Ans: (a) A British Actor
(c) Girlfriend of crown Prince Charles (d) None of these:

(10) Abdul Kalam is:-

(a) A Literary Figure (b) An Indian Nuclear Scientist

(c) A Kashmiri Mujahideen- Leader (d) None of these.
Ans: (b) An Indian Nuclear Scientist
(11) Trygve Lie was:

(a) An Actor of Marshal Art (b) Administrator of Hong Kong

(c) Secretary General of the United Nations. (d) None of these.

Ans: (c) Secretary General of the United Nation.
(13) OIC was formed in:

(a) Jedda (b) Rabat (c) Cairo (d) None of these.
Ans: (b) Rabat
(14) Politics Among Nations was written by:

(a) James Rosenau (b) Hans Morgenthan
(c) K.J Holsti (d) None of these.
Ans: (b) Hans Morgthenthan

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