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Originally Posted by Saba wisher View Post
Anyone is here who opted geology last year? Kindly share objective experience and how to prepare it?

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mcqs of 2021
silicate mineral number in mohos scale
si02 content in diorite
gossan c03
unconfirmity in younger sedimentry and older igneous rock is called
low rate of sed flux sea level rise is retrogradation
mcqs regarding planets
plutonic equalent of basalt
cassagrande device used for
discontinuity btw lower mantle and outer core is
gastropoda phylum is
kerogen low 02/C and high h2/c is type 1 HC
3 perp axis is which crystal lattice
type of coal with high moisture volatile
longest chronostratigraphic is

these were mcqs i could recall sister, i hope it benefits someone.
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