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Originally Posted by MubeenKh View Post
My Outline
How is terrorism and its perception shaped by mass media?
1. Introduction
(Historical and context and how modern day conflicts are shaped by mass media)
2. How is terrorism and its perception shaped by mass media?
a. Influencing the Public Opinion
b. Social Engineering
c. Extremist tendencies
d. Violence Propagation
e. Hybrid warfare
f. Portrayal of terrorist groups as heroes or villains
g. Psychological damaging
h. Terrorist Agendas
3. Consequences of the perception created by mass media?
a. Rise in terrorist groups
b. Rising violence
c. Increasing extremist tendencies
d. Economic Consequences
4. Remedial measures to counter the perception created by mass media
a. Training of law and enforcement agency officials towards media
b. Capacity building of agencies
c. Public Awareness
d. Using AI to remove violent content from social media
5. How media creates an angelic perception of terrorism?
(Israel depicted as a hero in the west and a villain in the Muslim World while the contrary case for Palestine)
6. Conclusion
that is very fine outline, it depicts how truly the mass media is shaping terrorism and its perception in the contemporary world.
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