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Post 1973 Precis

Make a Prťcis of the following passage:
As a kind of footnote, I should comment that there are those who doubt whether it is within the power of science to ensure over a prolonged period freedom from destitution and famine for mankind. The argument is the old one of Malthus, that in the race between increasing population and increasing production, population must eventually win. Those of us who decline to accept this pessimistic view recognize the difficulty of the practical problem of meeting the needs of an ever-expanding population. We have, however, greater faith in human resourcefulness. We note that it is not only in the technology of production and medicine that the present generation differs so greatly from the one before. A similar rapid change is likewise occurring the thinking of masses of people. This change is brought about partly by experience with technology by more widespread education. Here lies a new realm in which dramatic advance is being made. The hope for the longer future lies in a growing understanding of the conditions for the good life of man in a world of science and technology, and the acceptance of a morality that is consistent with these conditions. With the widespread thought now being given to such problems by persons whose thinking is schooled to rely on reason and tested fact. It is evident that advance from this angle will also appear. Youth may, for example, consider the sere marks as an effort to see in inure perspective the type of ideals that are appropriate to the age of science. Many are those who are now sharing to this exploration of human values. The great question is whether such understanding of human goals and the corresponding development of morals can be achieved before the forces seen by Malthus, and emphasized so forcefully by recent writers, overwhelm the efforts of the pioneers in this new and critical field. I do not believe that this is inevitable. Jam confident of manís ability to meet and solve this ethical problem that is so vital to the success of his effort to achieve physical and spiritual freedom. It is relevant that as I analyze the reasons for my faith in manís eventual ability to meet this critical problem. I find that prominent in my mind is the confidence that God who made us holds for us an increasing density, to be achieved through our own efforts in the world setting that he supplies. This observation is significant in the present setting because it is my strong impression that most of those who have the firm faith in manís advancement likewise have a religious basis for their faith. If this impression is valid its consequence is clear. It means that it is men and women of religious faith on whom we must primarily rely to work strongly toward achieving a favourable world society. It means also that those of religious faith because of their faith have a better chance of survival, a fact that has a bearing on the attitude that may be expected in the society of the future.
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Some people claim that science alone cannot solve the problems of poverty and hunger. The population will eventually outnumber the available resources. Even those who dispute this notion recognise the problem of population explosion. They, however, have faith in human ingenuity. The present generation thinks differently from the previous generations and acknowledges the severity of these prevalent problems. The hope for the future lies in the integration of morality and science. The critical problem is whether this issue of moral development and comprehension of human aims can be solved before the presaged dangers engulf mankind and their struggles. Those who have faith in Godís design are optimistic because He has already provided mankind with these solutions and enabled them to elevate their status by utilising the resources already present in nature. This insight is important because the majority of people who staunchly believe in mankindís advancement are God-fearing. Devout people have the highest probability of survival because of their religious convictions. This same certainty is expected from the future society.

Title: Solution of Pressing Problems: Religious Convictions
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