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Post 1978 Precis

Write a Précis of the following passage:
"I was a firm believer in democracy, whereas he (D. H. Lawrence) had developed the whole philosophy of Fascism before the politicians had thought of it. “I don’t believe,” he wrote, “in democratic control. I think the working man is fit to elect governors or overseers for his immediate circumstances, but for no more. You must utterly revise the electorate: The working man shall elect superiors for the things that concern him immediately, no more. From the other classes, as they rise, shall be elected the higher governors. The thing must culminate in one real head, as every organic thing must-no foolish republics with no foolish presidents, but an elected king, something like Julius Caesar,” He, of a course, in his imagination, supposed that when a dictatorship was established, he would be the Julius Caesar. This was the part of the dream-like quality of all his thinking. He never let himself bump into reality. He would go into long tirades about how one must proclaim “the truth” to the multitude, and he seemed to have no doubt that multitude would listen. Would he put his political philosophy into a book? No in our corrupt society the written word is always a lie. Would he go in Hyde Park-and proclaim “the Truth” from a soap box? No: That would be far too dangerous (odd streaks of prudence emerged in him from time to time). Well, I said, what would you do? At this point he would change the subject Gradually I discovered that he had no real wish to make the world better, but only to indulge in eloquent Soliloquy about how hard it was. If anybody heard the soliloquies so much the better, but they were designed at most to produce a little faithful band of disciples who could sit in the deserts of New Mexico and feel holy. All this was conveyed to me in the language of a Fascist dictator as what I must preach, the “must” having thirteen underlining.” (Lord Russell)
Total Words: 332

Lawrence founded the principles of fascism before anyone thought of them. He averred that he was against democratic control and that instead men should elect their rulers for their immediate problems, and higher-level governors should be chosen as they advance their careers through their performance and merit. He preferred authoritarianism over any other form of state. He believed that the established dictator would be of impeccable character. Mentally, he was living in an Elysium of his own making, far from the complex reality. He was neither interested in writing a book nor preaching his philosophy to the masses himself due to its risky nature. He was not a revolutionary but was only a fickle sniveller.
Title: Philosophy and Personal Outlook of Lawrence
Words in Precis: 115
Required Words: 111
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