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Post 1979 Precis

Write a Précis of the following passage:
Probably the only protection for contemporary man is to discover how to use his intelligence in the service of love and kindness. The training of human intelligence must include the simultaneous development of the empathic capacity. Only in this way can intelligence be made an instrument of social morality and responsibility — and thereby increase the chances of survival.
The need to produce human beings with trained morally sensitive intelligence is essentially a challenge to educators and educational institutions. Traditionally, the realm of social morality was left to religion and the churches as guardians or custodians. But their failure to fulfill this responsibility and their yielding to the seductive lures of the men of wealth and pomp and power and documented by the history of the last two thousand years and have now resulted in the irrelevant “God Is Dead” theological rhetoric The more pragmatic men of power have had no time or inclination to deal with the fundamental problems of social morality. For them simplistic Machiavellianism must remain the guiding principle of their decisions-power is morality, morality is power. This oversimplification increases the chances of nuclear devastation. We must therefore hope that educators and educational institutions have the capacity, the commitment and the time to instill moral sensitivity as an integral part of the complex pattern of function human intelligence. Some way must be found in the training of human beings to give them the assurance to love, the security to be kind and the integrity required for a functional empathy.
Total Words: 251

For the survival of mankind, it is necessary to instil empathy, morality, and love in human intelligence so that it can be used for the service of mankind. Conventionally, the domain of virtue solely belonged to religion, but their failure to fulfill their duty and their consequent yielding before the powerful men resulted in disbelief in the existence of God, and devoid men from moral and virtuous path. Thus, it will be challenging for the educators to instil the morals back in mankind by training their minds accordingly.
Title: Moral Intelligence for Survival
Words in Precis: 88
Required Words: 84
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