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Greetings (came here from the other thread)

Does anyone have any idea about how to structure answers and Essays in AD MoD descriptive? E.g; in CSS there are 4 qs to be attempted in roughly 3 hrs so that gives about 35 min approx per qs. Also, each qs is expected to range from at least 5-8/10 pgs. We won't have that luxury with this exam. Same with CSS essay; a relevant, coherent, well-argued essay of 1600-2000/2200 words (tends to make the cut) to be written within 3 hrs (for me it takes at least first 45 min for proper brainstorming, rough drafting outline+ intro). How do we structure the AD MoD Essay?

P.S: I'll try to come up with my plan and share it here if possible. Would like to know other aspirants' insights as well. Many brains are better than one.

Best Wishes!
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