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Originally Posted by Cobalt View Post

For current affairs paper, expected topics are enumerated below:

1. SIFC (Opportunities for Pakistan)
2. Surge in terrorism/ cross border terrorism in Pakistan. (Prepare it keeping in view the developments in Afghanistan, Role of TTP and other militant outfits)
3. Census 2023 (Youth Bulge, Unemployment, Utilization of Human Capital)
4. Rule of Law.
5. Economic Revival of Pakistan. (New insights)
6. US Elections. (Impact on Indo-Pacific region, US-China Rivalry, South China Sea, etc.)
7. Regionalism and Multilateralism. (Projects like IMEC, expansion of BRICS, SCO, G-20, G-7, etc.)
8. Palestinian Crisis. (Turmoil in Middle East, regional as well as international implications)
9. National Integration in a polarized environment.
10. Health of Democracy. (in Pakistan as well as at International level)
11. Judicial Activism in Pakistan
12. CPEC Phase II
13. Elections in India 2024 (Regional as well as International implications)
14. Rise of AI (Generative AI, Neural Networks, Machine Learning, TOS, etc.)
15. Russia-Ukraine War. (Lessons learnt) (Expansion of NATO, Russia withdrawing from International treaties, Russian Elections etc.)
16. Non-traditional security threats. (Water crisis, energy crisis, food insecurity, health insecurity, hybrid wars, deteriorating rule of law etc.)
17. Climate Change. (COP28)
18. Taiwanese Presidential Elections. (Chinese-Taiwanese Conflict)
19. Separatist Movements.
20. Iran-Saudi Rapprochement.

For Essay. (Prepare for Generic Topics)
1. Gender and Women Studies (Women rights, feminism, gender discrimination.
2. Technology (AI)
3. Geopolitics. (Multi-polarity, rise of East, cooperation vs competition, etc.)
4. Democracy. (Health of institutions, new wave illiberal ideologies, surge in populist ideologies)
5. Health, Education, Economy, Society, etc.
Pretty comprehensive list. Thanks a lot!
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