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Thank you for your message.
First of all, I did not prepare all the chapters, both for paper one and paper two (I wouldnít suggest that you simple skip as many chapters as i did, but I couldnít make myself prepare the chapters I didnít like). The edge I had was my masters in psychology, I was able to get all my MCQ's in paper one correct and I guess I had one MCQ wrong in paper 2.
If you have the concept and know what a certain theory/research/term is about, you donít need to memorize by heart, you will be able to answer an MCQ about it correctly. The chapters I prepared for Paper 2 were: (if you consider the numbering in syllabus as chapters)

Chapter 1 Completely Prepared
Chapter 2 Prepared till chromosomal abnormalities
(Book consulted: The Developing Child by Helen Bee and Denise Boyd, 10th Edition. Published by Pearson Education in South Asia. Price: Rs. 450)

Chapter 3 and 4: I didnít prepare

Chapter 5 and 8: Completely Prepared
(Book consulted: Psychology and Life by Richard Gerrig and Phillip Zimbardo, 17th Edition, published by Pearson Education in South Asia. Price Rs. 625)

Chapter 6 : Compeletly Prepared from Gerrig and Zimabrdo mentioned above (you donít need to do the whole Gerrig and Zimbardo chapter on intelligence, just the topics in syllabus)

Chapter 7: My Own Notes, one just needs bullets points summarizing the main causes, they are more or less over lapping

Chapter 9: I specialized in I/O psychology. If youíd look at past papers they usually ask about the application of I/O psychology. I had done an assignment on this during masters, so that was sufficient.

Send me your email address; I will email the notes I have with me. Try to relate what you study with yourself and those around you, psychology becomes very easy and interesting to prepare and goodluck for you exams!
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