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Originally Posted by Altamash Qureshi
A/S MoBushra,
I have opted stats, can u plz tell me which topic is more impotant, waisay i m done with the whole course, but for revision i want some guidence that which topic needs more emphasis.
if u want to revise the course,then use the books of Sher M Chaudary.but focus on distributions and tests more than other topics.
prepare its theoratical part as well bcz numerical questions r sometimes much lengthy and one can get good marks in theory as well

wish u best of luck

Originally Posted by drastic
First of all it is completely astonish for me. how anyone can write 65 or 35 pages in essay paper. Particularly how can ur eng structure remain accurate rest of the pages? Second tHing outline and theme only dosnt matter in essay. ur outline,intro, ur examples in perfect eng matter alot in achieving gud marks in essay paper. Moreover, i think pages dont matter in css ur english is matter like structure, less gram mistakes, execution of ur examples with the references of essay topic like how much u hav Justified urself in convincing examiner. ur Influential style supports u to get gud marks which i leanrt 4rm my teachers Becuase examiner always doesnt give enuf marks in eng and essay papers.

u were astonished ,but i am shocked that one cant write 35 pages in essay papers.the lenght of essay is their requirement as well.
ya pages dont matter.i told that candidates have written 35pages and scored between 60-65.
as well as material(data ,examples etc) is concerned,even one cant write a single page without material.
so i didnt say that material does not matter.if u read my earlier msgs,i wrote
a) there was neither a single grammetical nor spelling mistake in my paper.
b)usage of idioms,phrases,adjectives and technical words according to the nature of essay was perfect.
c) the aspects /topic u r covering matters a lot. i included from social to economic all factors.

in both attempts ,i used the above mentioned techniques even almost same material.i attempted nuclear war in first and 3rd world war in 2nd attempt.
but this time,i focused on theme statement and structure of essay and got 68 marks .(last time 27).so there is a clear comparison in front of u

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