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Arrow Bush arrives in Pakistan......

Amid speculations and apprehensions of general Pakistani people, all day I have been hearing the same things repeatedly.......
I just want to tell all my Pakistani friends that things are not so bad,
yes we are facing the fallout of war on terror, we are facing internal disturbances,
the sacrilegious caricatures have given an opportunity to the opposition; of agitation and strengthened the anti-government sentiments........
but despite all this let's believe in our able President, he has tackled many challenges prudently...... we are not Botswana or Rawanda....... we are an able nuclear country.... we know what we are facing and we know our options well....
we are not dependent on USA, we have backdoor channels.... China is there, we are an important country of the ummah, we have lived with US sanctions before..... and certainly we can face it much better now, if the need arose......

So Let's be confident with what we are, and forget all the pessimistic thoughts... this is my humble request to all of you.
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