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Angry Y can't Paksitanis EVER think optimisitically?

Exactly, we don't need to be pessimistic, brothers...
All we need to do is, get a few more (Muslim) ppl killed in WANA and Balochistan, let some more (shameless) TV channels in, put those uneducated Mullahs in jails, let lose those GREAT ppl who are creating such a wonderful state of law n order in our beloved country, get some more patriotic politicians in our politics (Sugar Mill owners, i mean...) and grab a bit of honour in our hands by stopping those mad ppl who're protesting againts the cartoons...
Comon, My fellow countrymen! u need to get some brains in ur self!

Those ppl in Wana and balochistan, THEY're TERRORISTS! If we don't kill them, they'll kill us! They don't have to be put in jails and given a trial! Besides, don't u see they've been bombing our cities for the past 50 years! Atleast killing a few of 'em has made our cities safer and there r no more BOMBINGs (taking 100s of innocent lives!)

Huh?! TV? U mullahs r always against TVs! I don't get it! The WHOLE world is into this thing now, we can't be left behind! Its our culture now! Whats wrong in it? When every body's sisters r going out with their boyfriends, y should we be so conservative?

And ofcourse, those unlettered ppl, when they're rebelling against the government, they must be JAILED. They don't know how the matters of the state are decided. They should know that we're a NUCLEAR state! we have to defend our Nuclear facilities at ALL costs! They're the ones who leaked the prolieferation secrets, even though ISI and the whole miltiary was trying their best to conceal the so called proliferation thingy! Anywayz, no sweat , the fool scientist agreed to become the scapegoat, and well "let's believe in our able President, he has tackled many challenges prudently ... ... ... we know our options well...."

And those HIDDEN HANDS, I really hate them ! They always manage to do some violence and get away with it! But dont worry fellows, we've got the FBI here now !!!

I don't think there's anything left to say about hte protests, a lot has been sed bout 'em on the forum...


BTW, brother YHK, I don't mean anything personal against u... I just wanted to organize my thots bout musharaf's Virtues, so i organized them by writing.. Hope u wouldn't take it personally...
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