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Salam to all,

@ Coolideal,

Dear fellow...reality is reality whether we talk about it r not...USA is ruling the whole world this thing will remain as it is whether we bother about it r bring change discussion is necessary…We cant resist the danger by just closing our eyes..
So its better to discuss about Bush’s Visit..becoz its imp issue….

@ Khalidbinwalid,

U r right in satirizing the policies of President…I m not favoring his policies but just want to say that some time circumstances r such that “to beguile the time u hv to look like the time…”so what President Musharf is doing is need of the hour…..
As far as arresting of Al.Quiada member is concerned its totally wrong they r not terrorists…..Usa is using Pakistan just for its own sake…
But we cant blame President only…. look at the attitude of Opposition they politicized each & every issue…& look at the behavior of people of this country…we celebrate Valentine’s day v happily…& now we will waste our money on Basant….at 1 side there r protests against the caricatures & on the other side with full volume music on floors we participate in basant…not more than 5 months r passed that our nation has seen the biggest tragedy in the form of Earthquake …but we have forgotten it & instead of giving money to that shelter less people ..Wasting on such frivolous activities…
So just Government policies r not only worthy to be satirized…many other factors r also there which r contributing in all this situation…

@ Yasir

good attitude....optimisim is what we need in our youth....although the circumstances r not good but 1 should hope for the best....
if there is some water in the glass.... almost half of optimistic person will say the glass is half filled.... &.... an pessimistic will say half glass is empty

so better to see the brighter side its preaching of our religion also...

Inshallah that day is not so far when muslims will get rid of all the enemies but before this we hv to just get rid of our own misdeeds...

with regards,
My ALLAH it is enough for my respect that I m "Your" person & it is enough for my pride that "You" are my GOD."You" are exactly the way I desire.Thus please mould me the way "You" desire.

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