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@ khalidbinwalid

Isn't that only the impact of the Enlightened media??? Was basant being clebrated in karachi 4-5 years back? Were our youth into valentine's 4-5 years ago? Isn't it the govt. that allowed those channels? Couldnt there have been a sober media, one which wouldn't be spreading faithlesness and leading ppl towards worldly desires, forgetting the RESURRECTION?

r people themselves r puppets...?..that just doing wt the government intends......? Temptation is there from the v 1st day of this world & its upto man himself to choose the right path....we cant give blame to the govment for our own misdeeds...we ourself feel that to follow the traditions of West is sign of privalage in society there r still some people who dont like to celeberate these events & follow their own intelect....,,,If any1 asks u to jump into the river & commit suicide will u do it just for this reason that u were asked to do it... never any reasonable man will not do y to say this that all this situation is just for this reason that media is preaching this...?

@ The 1
I happen to be a Karachiite. day by day, i see the law nd order situation worsening. Either its the people of karachi, or its neglection of duty on the part of our law-enforcing agencies. Crimes are at their peak. Not a soul feels safe in karachi while speaking on their cell phone outdoors, "hidden hands" snatch cell phones as if it were their right, and if you dare to resist them, they don't mind pulling the trigger once, twice or even thrice. I've witnessed innocent ppl being shot 6 bullets for the sake of a Rs.3000 worth cell phone. You call this tackling challenges? I call this a terrible defeat. If an army govt. with all its might and power cannot bring peace to one city, let alone state affairs!

situation was even worest than this in the era of democratic govment also.....

Nevertheless, i'm still inclined to say the nation is innocent, its the leaders who either make it or destroy it. Unfortunately, ours happens to be a rather poor nation, and our army happens to be rich,

Nation is innocent......?
it is stated in Quran that ...when God wants to punish any nation for its misdeeds ,,He imposes bad leaders on them......
we r not innocent we just try to pose as inocenents by putting all the blame on the govment...& never see towards our own faults...
ya army is rich & nation is poor but...add all those people r also rich who were ever in the charge... in this country...whether elected by its own masses r imposed by military so not only army should be blamed....?

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