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Thank you for honest wishes. Reformer, I was waiting for this day to make good loss which I have been carrying from EDS paper. I wanted to compensate that paper and I did it today. Insha Allah accountancy and auditing paper will enhance my merit.

Paper-1: 100% correct in Part-II (Q:2, Q:3, and Q:6)
Fortunately I did not overwrite even a single figure in the complete paper. This was just because of prudent attempt. I knew I have enough time to manage the paper so I used it in constructive way by avoiding any blunder. Used working notes in Q:3, and Q:6. Use working notes in such question because by doing that you can minimize the chances of mistakes and can create your best image before the paper checker, you can earn good marks even if you answer is wrong provided you have done good working to support you answer. Use pencil (Katchi pencil) while writing main figures like GP, NP, Profit and Loss footing, and Balance sheet footing, when You verify your answer and conclude that your answer is correct than remove that pencil work and write it in ink (or ball point, marker). By doing this probability of cutting/overwriting etc can be minimized.

Make friendship with following topics: Final Accounts (Heart of Paper-1), Ratio analysis (Mind of this paper), Budget specially cash budget (Pocket of this paper), Bad debts, and depreciation (supporting tools), partnership (for emergency), Single entry (for IQ), and Non-trading accounts (for rainy day).

Now you can decide about the important topics by seeing their above mentioned description.

Do go through theory: That helps you in MCQs and short notes. (Get help from Gupta, and M.A. Ghani). Its my observation that one learns these concepts at the time of practicing on the practical problems. I have learnt most of the concepts during my routine schedule. I don't find any note/concept/topic in all the past papers of CSS Accountancy paper which is difficult for me to explain or define with suitable examples. This question is halwa.
Don't worry I will be posting some most expected concepts very soon. This is my responsibility to help you people.

Though I know have grip over partnership accounts but I often avoid this topic to attempt because probability of making mistakes is relatively high in this topic. It is better to get grip over final accounts, ration analysis, budgeting, depreciation and single entry. If cover these topics you won't face problem in Paper-1

How was my paper:
Almost 18 MCQs correct and 2 in doubt. Apart from MCQs, all other questions were 100% correct (Dead sure). And I enjoyed a lot by writing on the short notes section. Good exercise.

I don’t believe that short notes have reduced the high marking score trend. You know why, because total marks are 3 per short note. I am firm believer of the practice that don’t leave any margin for the examiner to swallow your marks in these notes. Make these notes all encompassive by inserting maximum relevant information within reasonable length. Try your best to hijack all these 3 marks and make a tuff situation for the examiner to penalize you even with 0.5 marks. Don’t leave any corner weaker in these notes. Follow it, Insha Allah your paper won’t allow space for the examiner to snatch even a single mark.

Expected marks: Not less than 90 (Not more than 95).

"Tumhary nafs ki qeemat Janat hay isy Janat say kam qeemat pey na bechna."
"Jiyo to istarh ky log tum sy milny ko tarsy; maro to istrah k log tumharee mot par royain"

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