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I have attempted the essay"Pakistan's war on terror and its psycho, politio,socio and economic fronts"


what is war on terror?
Why Pakistan is involved?
Pakistan's role in the war.


Psychological front:

War phobia
Constant tensions for people
Psychological issues particularly in affected areas
Chances of higher Psycho diseases
Women and childrens are suffering more

Political front:

Political instability in country
Emergence of new faces in politics like Sufi Muhammad
Politicians are just busy in dialogues and personal attacks
Politicians are using this war to win public pool only
Every govt. is carrying on this war to win America's favors
All efforts are focused at war while other welfare projects
are lacking behind.


Impact on people of war affected areas.
Forced migration.
Social problems are increasing in the country.
These migrated people are affecting the social life of other
War impact on life style of general public.

Economic impacts:

Loss of MNC's business
Poor condition of stock markets
Absence of local investors
Decreasing rate of economic growth
Business in affected areas is totally dead.
Loss of foreign exchange through tourism
Export is decreasing( as developed countries are turning
towards India and other countries)
Devaluation of currency
Increasing inflation and cost of production
Rehabiliation of these people is extra burdon on economy.


These headings may be somewhat in diffrent sequence.I worte upto 24 pages of main sheet while I used to write 5 words a line and 11 or 12 lines per page.
Ramsha magsi
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