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Originally Posted by iamcalledasad
It was obvious from the last year paper that the ML paper will be completely case based?Now this paper is with certain questions regarding theories....Seniors please advice for the 2010 aspirants how shall we take this????Whether we prepare keeping in mind the "case based" paper or "theory + case based"?

Start from theory and finish at case studies. Both the things are compulsory, they reciprocate each other. You can't comprehend sections without going through case studies, and you can't conclude case studies without having background knowledge of the specific sections. Mercantile Law is not the game of common sense it requires knowledge of sections in order to comment on the case studies properly. I have opposed common sense notion deliberately, because some of our members take it solely as a matter of common sense and their strategy completely fails in some cases. So to be on safe side, one should take it seriously, it is better to read all the sections carefully, and then solve the case studies.

Paper has been balanced this time. Examiner has provided cushion to the candidates for scoring atleast passing marks because in previous papers majority of the candidates could not score even 33%. In this way it is better strategy to provide chance to those candidates who were not expert at comprehending case studies but were good at cramming sections and attempting theoretical questions. Nonetheless, examiner has provided a mix of the questions to test both the bookish as well as case study skills of the candidates.

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