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1. Which of the following statements are false and which are true.

a) Urea is a phosphorous fertilizer
b) Ibn Baitar was a renowned Muslim Botanist
c) Penicillin was discovered by Edward Jenner
d) Cellulose is a natural polymer
e) Vitamin A and D are water soluble.
f) Amoeba is a unicellular animal
g) Solar eclipse occurs in full moon
h) Water is a bad conductor of electricity
i) Leprosy is a disorder of the nervous system
j) Chlorofluorocarbons cause decomposition of ozone

Write short notes on any two of the following

a) Nitrogen cycle
b) Solar system
c) Green house effect

3. Describe any of the following terms in not more than four lines.

a) Mitosis
b) Hemophilia
c) Reflex action
d) Metabolism
e) Fission
f) Non-renewable energy resources

4. Fill in the blanks with correct choice.

(i) Quartz is chemically a _____________.

(ii) Chicken egg is composed of _____________.

(iii) Visible light energy has the wavelength range of _____________.

(iv) The particles with positive charge but having mass equal to that of electron is called _________ .

(v) Gas in children’s play-balloons going upward is ____________.

(vi) Standard pressure is ______________.

(vii) Iron corrodes due to the formation of ________________.

5. What is the difference between a ‘DAM’ and a ‘Barrage’? Why cannot Barrages be used for production of hydroelectric power?

6. What are plastics? Discuss their important properties which have contribute to their extensive use in modern industry. Explain their adverse effects on
(i) Environment
(ii) Agriculture

7. Give reasons of the following:

a) A 25 watts incandescent bulb provides much less light than a 25 watts fluorescent tube light.
b) A ball dropped vertically on the ground does not rise to its original height.
c) Meat takes longer time to cook on a mountaintop than at sea level.
d) More stirring is needed when sugar is dissolved in cold coffee than in hot coffee

8. Explain in detail what is a balanced diet; name a nutrient present in each of the following food

(i) Apple
(ii) Bread
(iii) Meat
(iv) Butter
(v) Orange
(vi) Egg
(vii) Milk
(viii) Spinach

9. Differentiate between

(i) Latitude & Longitude
(ii) Pig Iron & Cost Iron
(iii) Hard Water & Heavy Water
(iv) Drug use & Drug abuse

10. What are the warm blooded animals? Give any two examples. Explain any three traits found in warm blooded animals

11. What does the abbreviation LASER stand for? Point out three differences between laser and ordinary light. Mention two applications of Laser.

12. Name the instruments used for measuring each of the following

(i) Pressure
(ii) Voltage
(iii) Purity of milk
(iv) Temperature
(v) Velocity of wing

13. What is Computer? Name their different classes. Briefly explain the term Software and Hardware.

14. Muslim Scientists contributed in science and mathematics during the period 8th – 13th century. Name five scientists who are well known for their contribution in the following fields during the era.

(i) Chemistry
(ii) Algebra
(iii) Light

15. Fill in the blanks

(i) Starch is a polymer of __________.

(ii) A big astronomical observatory known as the _________________________ was established during the reign of Caliph Mamoon.

(iii) Adrenalin is secreted by the Adrenal _______________.

(iv) ________ planet is nearest to the earth.

(v) CFC is the abbreviation of _____________________.

(vi) The process of conversion of a material from solid state directly to gaseous state is called ____________.

(vii) A junction diode is formed by PWP semiconductor pieces whereas junction transistor is a sandwich made up of P__________ transistor.
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