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1. (a) What is science? Give a brief introduction?
(b) In what aspects science differs from arts, literature and philosophy?
(c) What disciplines of realms of human knowledge can be included in Natural Science, social sciences and Humanities?
(d) Make a list of limitations of Science

2. Highlight the contributions of any three of the following:

(a) Umar Khayyam
(b) Ibn Sina
(c) Al Farabi
(d) Ibn e Nafis
(e) Al Kinidi

Give scientific examples. Discuss whether science and technology have made life for man easier than it was 500 years ago?

4. (a) What are the main groups of ceramics in respect of their use in our daily life?
(b) What are plastics? Give their properties and uses in detail in life?
(c) Distinguish between Pig Iron, Cast Iron and Wrought Iron.

(a) Name the members of solar system.
(b) Explain briefly the formation of days and nights.
(c) How seasonal variation occurs on our earth?

6. (a) Explain work, energy, and power and give their units.
(b) How work may be converted into energy vice versa?

7. (a) Mention the characteristics of laser with the influence of each property.
(b) What is doping and how its influence on the division of semi conductors into N & P Type Semiconductor?

8. (a) Distinguish between Computers and Microprocessors.
(b) What are the main elements of a Micro Computer?
(c) What do you mean by peripherals, hardwares and softwares?

9. (a) Write response on the following

1. The method by which men provides for his everyday needs and desires is called (Technology, Engineering, Versatility)

2. Of all the flying machines, man has made only (Balloon Jet Air Craft, Rockets) are suitable for space flight.

3.Transistors do not need a warm u period because they have no (Plate, Grid, Filament)

4.If an object gives off its own light, it is said to be (transparent, illuminated, luminous)

5.An electric heater would be most likely to produce (X-rays, Ultra Violet, I R Radiations)

(b) Fill in the blanks

(i) If the mass/volume ratio of a box containing stones is equal to the mass volume ratio of a box containing feather than the box containing ________ has smaller volume of material in it.

(ii) In nay one kind of atom, the number of proton, electrons is the same, it is the number of _________ which may change from atom to atom of the same element.

(iii) The _________ scale of temperature is called the absolute scale.

(iv) The type of radiation hat is unaffected by magnetic field is called __________ .

(v) If we know the mass of an object and the force applied on it, it is possible to calculate _________ of the object.

10. Distinguish between the following

(a) Artificial Radio Activity
(b) Electron and Beta Rays
(c) Hydel Power and Nuclear Power
(d) Photo-Voltaic and Photo Electric Effect
(e) Microscope and Telescope

11. Match the following pairs from list I & list II

List I

Pace Maker

List II

Bleeding disease
Nerve cell
Amino acid

12. (a) Give a definition of the following

(i) Inflammation
(ii) Transfusion
(iii) Reflex Action
(iv) Anemia
(v) Heart Sounds

(b) Differentiate between the following

(i) Enzymes
(ii) Insulin and Trypsin
(iii) Root
(iv) Cellulose
(v) Milligram and Kilogram

13. Write short note of any three of the following

(i) Digestion
(ii) Malaria
(iii) Vitamin
(iv) Pollination

14. (a) Name the organs responsible for the following functions present in either elements, plants or human.
  • Vision
  • Reproduction
  • Hormone Secretion
  • Blood Pumping
  • Food Storage
(b) Fill in the blanks

(i) Active transport in animals and plants required metabolic energy and ______________ to carry the substances across cell membranes electrical gradient.

(ii) Diseases that spread through air are called _________ disease.

(iii) Large trees give off ___________ for the support of their heavy spreading branches.

(iv) When iron is less in body the quantity of __________ in cell decreases.

(v) Arteries become hard due to deposition of _____________________ in them.

15. In which organ these parts are present in animal or human body. Describe its structure and functions briefly.
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