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Default I realy can't fix a pic, plz help me ?

Salam Respected !
well i have tried hundered of times to upload my pic by following the way u told us but when ever i go in User cp and Edit profile picture, there comes two ways , 1 is via link n the other is via my computer, i have tried bother the ways, even i tried to upload 3 pics of v small sizes i.e 20 kb. here is a link where my pic is uploaded

but when ever i go to " Edit profile picture " , and paste this links here, i always recieve a msg .. " Invalid file "
and when i tried to upload it from my computer, i recieved a msg that " upload of file failed "
plz tell me the very easiest way to solve this problem. i will be realy gr8ful to u.
thx. waiting
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