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Such kind of papers seem easy while sitting @ home. But once you are in the examination hall and it is very difficult to cope with a sudden change of pattern at that moment. It was true about most of the papers in 2009. Particularly about Islamiyat, the questions seem easy but when you read the statements carefully they do not remain so simple. You really have to think out of box in certain questions to extend your answer.

@ Attempting in English or Urdu

I had prepared islamiyat in urdu and so attempted it in Urdu. But, after the paper i thought i better had attempted it in english because i could have more conveniently expressed my views in english owing to the nature of questions.

Since we prepare a lot of english and loads of current affairs, islamic as well as general, so i recommend attempting such a paper in English.

But i would like to comment on the format of paper.... If such papers are to be set then there should be no course outline mentioned and no books recommended. I really felt bad because all i had prepared for this paper had gone into dustbin. In other words, i simply wasted my time preparing that material.
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