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@ nareshoad
i just wanna make one correction..... this is not the first time that a non FSP & from CSP/DMG is made ambassador. As far as I remember, the high ranked Pakistani diplomat Mr Agha Shahi did not belong to the Foreign Services Group (FSG). He was CSP. Same is true for Akbar S. Ahmed, Mirza Qamar Baig, Humayun Khan and Rustam Shah Mohmand. Similarly, after separation of Pakistan in 1971, no FSP officer wanted to go to Dhaka as ambassador. At that critical time, a CSP was sent there. even in recent past, when no FSP officer wanted to go to Afghanistan, a DMG officer was sent as ambassador. i m forgetting their names but i ll tell u their names in few days after confirmation.... Our ambassador to USA, UK, r not from FSP. in the whole world, ppl from various backgrouds represent their countries. See Obama chose Helry Clinton ( BUsh chose Condolezza) as secy of state ( Foreign Minister), not from the foreign service of USA. Why??????
2. DMGs are famous 4 corruption & therefore, u left the idea of CSS exam??Dear, as per my understanding, DMG officers are known 4 their competence & hard work. Do u know how many DMGs are in Pak? Just 700 + & where a problem arises, people demand DMG administrator........Ur remarks clearly show that u ve never met a DMG officer. Actually, I also used to think in an emotional way before my common training. But, when i got exposure during CTP about govt offices, I found the best lot is of commoners. In Police, PSPs are far better than many Rankers, DMGs are far better than promotees and so on. It is a general observation & reason is too obvious..... v come after cut throat competition, get excellent trainings etc....
3. Regarding bad admn of our cities, u said DMG is responsible.. I give U another food 4 thought : We were far better managed in early years of our independence & things r deteriorating by and by. Is it not because, initially our civil service, now called DMG, was much more independent. As we went on weakening this group, situation started becoming worse. After devolution, DMG was weakened much & result is in front of u, all the 4 provinces r demanding DM of DMG back.........
It is just food 4 thought. i ll expect a rational and crisp answer
Regarding having a specialist at the top,
It is often said that secretary of the deptt should be from that deptt, not from DMG... the simple answer is again the same that a departmental person can't comprehend the inter-sector results of the policy, he visualises only his department's approach. eg if a school is to be built, education, revenue ( 4 land acquisition), buildings, TMA, finance, & many other deptt r involved, & this coordination can b done only by a non departmental officer who has seen the working of these deptt at ground level.. Similarly, no where in the world the army chief can start war against even the weekest country, coz the chief dont know how costly the victory may be, but the civilians can understand
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