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Although I am not from Psychology discipline yet I am commenting on this on the basis of my own psychological test experience for army; what I learnt during preparation and test itself. Anyhow I qualified the test. What I write here might not be authentic but may be helpful for you in some way.

the vigillators first asked to fill form abt biodata by following the instructions of the instructor.....and I just had one mistake that I wrote in haste the qualification/job etc of mine instead
This is something that shows you were under stress at that time. I don’t know about your test but usually they make you stressed before beginning the test as they want quite abrupt answers. In ISSB the bio data forms are filled one day before the psychological test (the first day evening) but they take IQ test and then leave you for about one and a half hour. When you are back they call the chest numbers of those who haven’t qualified that test and are to leave. This is something that really comes to your nerves and then the shortly distribute the test. In between tests the invigilator said they are not supposed to give any time. I remember even the time of our lunch elapsed in this test. I asked my friend I was so hungry that by the end I was feeling like making sentences of rooti and pani.

In short I just want to say that a candidate is required to make a deliberate attempt to keep her/him relaxed. Before the test begun in a while I told myself that the result had been out and you have qualified now relax and think of something good. I don’t remember what I though for a while but was a conscious attempt. As you have to be optimistic, positive, bla bla in the coming test.

Anyhow I don’t think that was as such a blunder. I am also in a habit of filling the forms quickly and was not willing to listen to the boring and slow instructions so I did a mistake in the start and then followed instructions afterwards. Even I wrote the core of my father where I was supposed to write unit and then corrected afterwards. Although a mistake but not drastic one! Something that comes with our nature and I can say most of the candidates would have done a few, where a number of forms are to be filled.

they asked us to write unforgettable event of life with in five mints I wrote about my school trip and how I enjoyed it a lot.....I couldn’t sum up due to short time but I wrote with good start showing full amusements with brief introduction of enthusiastic preparation of all friends/class fellows other things.
Now this is something that is to sum up whole your life! Remember unforgettable event, most sorrowful event, happiest event or anything they ask is something definite. Take it this way, if you are to quote just one event from whole your life what it would be. It tells your priorities in life. I personally think it should be an actual but prepared response. Before going there we were certain what to write in each category as they go on repeating them. Although we never wrote or practiced and it doesn’t even matter they will check your expression somewhere else these tests are particularly for psychological assessment although you are not supposed to write English in French but expression isn’t something that matters a lot.

Although I am not criticizing your choice but for the sake of argument to let you understand this better, everyone has a number of trips that (s)he enjoys what was particular about that which made it unforgettable. Some built up is required that should either be inherent in your choice or provided in your expression. See they keep on changing this topics but one thing remains common from test to test i.e. the most, the __est….

now there was test of word completion in English and Urdu......they gave us two sheets comprising one page which to be filled in 5 mints.......I filled almost all with positive sense of sentences.

8: word association test...........where they show almost 50 words to write sentences......each word was displayed for 10 sec to write the sentence.........I wrote all sentences with very good conclusive and positive moral....
About the sentence completion and word association , I do not know what you wrote but the first thing that is really good that you attempted all. I am to quote some general examples that might be helpful for others even if not relevant in your case.

If the word is: motorway one can write, “Motor way is a great service done by Nawaz Shareef “. (some how political). We traveled by motorway from ….. (so so). I worte, “Motor way connects major cities”.

The word was “Affairs”, I wrote, “This is her personal affair”. My friend said the affair that came to her mind was that of being in love so she had to skip the word and write afterwards. The thing is they should be positive but preferably be your first thoughts as well. Just making all of them positive is nothing good in itself they should be natural responses. Remember they check you from different dimensions so can gauge any window dressing. Go for your first thought and reconsider only when it is something negative.

Try to be positive and optimistic in day to day life. I am not saying that you are not at present but a conscious effort or assessment can always help. Try to be clear in your mind about yourself and your life just before the test. Accept yourself the way you are, be relax and think good.

story-writing.............the vigilators displayed 4 pictures to write story on each picture.....every picture was displayed for half mint...and we had to complete story within 3mints....... I wrote all stories well as described below:
Your stories are good. However let me criticize them for the sake of criticism as it might be helpful for you.
how i wrote story on this scene?......i told u briefly the theme of my story though I didn’t remember exactly but I initiated story from past and end with future prospects.......I described so...ali is very hardworking and intelligent guy who want to achieve his target of life and work hard day and night... his mom at night just came to his room and asked him to take rest for a while but he said to his mom he wanted to study and work hard if he doesn’t then how he would get his target of life.......he follow same routine work and at last he achieved his target of life and i characterized him with some good ranked officer at the end with good moral of work Harding and ambitious.
He is telling his mother that he knows better. Moreover he works hard day and night appearing to be a bookworm. The overall routine is not as such good. If you yourself are a real distinctive student then it is fine as per as the assessment as you are supposed to think in this way otherwise it shows over concern.

I wrote the story by characterizing the boy with some name like ahmed is very intelligent and hardworking person, having excellent educational career. And now he wants to go abroad for higher studies but his mother became angry on this decision and tried to convince him to be in his country and serve it with full devotion……..ahmed is very obedient and submissive to his mom and never want to annoy his mom so he has completed his higher education in the country and now he is serving his country as the most competent lawyer.
You know almost all the famous lawyers in our country are foreign qualified. I am not sure what it tells but what I learnt from my story writing was, these stories come from we have experienced or are concerned about. Leaving country for education is something else then serving. His mother could have advised him something better.

describe as nasima belongs to the poor family living in a small village. She is ambitious and desirous to get higher education in spite of all her poor conditions. She s very sober and determined person and never pay attention to the childish activities of romance or so like her friend who always involves in love affairs with a guy and waiting for him who is going elsewhere…she don’t like such lovemaking or such things and keep indulge herself in studies and gradually she achieved her aim of life and became doctor to serve the poor patients of the village.
Keep on negating something also shows the concern. This is not how you turned the situation in to a positive one but more about how you comprehend it in the first place.

I general all your stories show some extremism. Everyone is successful to the extreme. Although a little bit success can also help. I ma not saying people in stories should not be very suceessful but this is something repeated in almost all your stories.

In story writing as a rule of thumb everyone is advised to make them positive what so ever but the thing more important is that this should be meaningful.
Almost all my stories were from current affairs might be because I was in touch with them at that time. When they showed a person among destroyed houses, I wrote about the troubled areas of Pakistan. When they showed a girl lying upside down on bed, I wrote she is from Baghdad. The rule of thumb didn’t apply to our test because we were shown severely negative situations. If someone is standing between destroyed houses you can’t write that he is visiting a park. The important thing is your overall approach. If a girl is lying upside down half way between bed and floor what can you write? Someone murdered her? My friend even wrote these are just clothes as the pic was abstract one. Although I didn’t write she is enjoying this posture but I didn’t keep on narrating her miseries after I declared her to be from Baghdad.

I wrote how happily they were living before the war how they suffered and she lost a brother in the war. Even by now when she remembers him she feels depressed (the present situation). Then I winded up as saying that now there are hopes that situation will improve with formation of local government etc etc..

Even if the end is not positive some hopefulness always helps . Positive thinking does not mean that everyone should live happily ever after. This is something else while writing about troubled areas one can write how people suffered when their towns became the battlefield of an international war, they were not even a direct party to, writing bout their patriotism even in these conditions, the hopes that operation launched by army will restore peace and how other citizens stand with them.
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