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Angry Duma members: Russia should support Iran against US threats

19th April 2006 188
Duma members: Russia should support Iran against US threats


A number of the Russian state Duma members here Wednesday said that Russia should support Iran politically against the threats and pressures of the US and West on the pretext of the progress in the country's nuclear sector.

Speaking at Duma open session, Deputy Alexei Mitrofanov called for Moscow's definite support for Iran against the US and the pressures exerted by it on account of Iran's nuclear activities.

Turning to Iran's political, economic and regional cooperation with his country, he called on the Russian government to take decisive measures in order to solve the issue and prevent a new crisis near Russia's borders.

Meanwhile, he called on the government to use Russia's veto right in case the nuclear dossier is to be examined by the UN Security Council and military option as well as sanction against Iran are decided.

For her part, another Duma member, Tamara Plotnikova, in an exclusive interview with IRNA, expressed her concern about the negative trend of the nuclear dossier currently underway and said that the US needs the support of international bodies to avoid any scandal in Iraq.

Turning to the US warmongering approach towards the end of the 20th and beginning of the 21st centuries, Plotnikova said that if the other UNSC permanent members cooperate with the US in aggressive plots, this will be treachery to the goals of the United Nations.

Speaking in favor of Russia's support for Iran's opposition to solving the nuclear issue by resorting to force, she said that Duma deputies will support the government's measures aiming to protect Russia's national interests and international security.

She expressed doubt about the correct approach of her country and said, "I am surprised that every country determined to cooperate with Russia faces the US opposition."
The deputy called US administrators `hypocrites and profiteers' and said that the Russian people do not trust in what is declared by the US.
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