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amubarak will become famous soon enough

I just browsed through the earlier pages of this thread and realized there are more questions;

Academy/Tuition: No. I have never been to any academy, or tuition centre ever, not at any level. there was just no question about going to academy for CSS exam preparation

Time for preparation: I started preparation arounf June 2007, Exams started from 15th March. I just couldnt study during Ramazan, so that makes 8 months

English Essay and Composition: Dont ask for tips, initially i allocated a week for English prep just before exams, but due to adjustments in the time table as other subjects took more time, it came down to 3 days. One of the three days I went out for a change to freshen myself, the next day I bought stationary and stuff like that, then on the last day i practised some grammer. I have always treated English like this.

And i am not asking anyone of you to do the same.
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