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Solution In a Nutshell;

5. Briefly review the relations of Ulama and Mashaikh with the Khalji. and Tughluq Sultans.

Alahuddin Khilji:

His Policy of Negative Impact:
1) He expunges the Ulema from Politics which enrage enmity against Khilji
2) He sow the seed of Dictatorship
3) Ulema built plot against him under the name of "New Musalmans"
4) His cousins and brother turns against Him and favoured Ulemas
5) Ulema decided to meet after marriage ceremonies to take action against Allahudin

His Effective Actions:
1) He killed all Ulemas in Hundreds who were involved in the plots of His Murder
2) He banned the meetings after marriage cermonies
3) He vowed to quit drink as Ulema used His this weakness against as ignition to encourage rebellions
4) He enforced Islamic Shariah and adopted the rule of just and sqaure.

Muhammad Bin Tughlaq:

Ulema Role in the Downfall of Tughlaq:
1) 5 Blunders suggested by Ulema to Tughlaq
2) Ulema insincere attitude towards tughlaq
3) Lost of fear of Tughlaq
4) Ulema nepotism and corruption soar to acme

Tughlaq Response:
1) Tughlaq never took serious to them
2) Due to his generosity he forgave Ulema every time
3) He left them at large
4) He never took action against disobedience of Ulema and Empire Officers.


4. ‘ "Akbar gave prosperity and restored peace and order due to his policies". Discuss.

His Policies:

1) Building relation with Rajputs
2) Abolishes Jizya and Taxes
3) Sul-i-Qul ( Peace for All ) Strategy Adopted
4) Wahdad-ul-Wajood to consolidate empire
5) Hindus were given Ranks at elite levels
6) Mansbadari Introduced to strengthen the army
7) International Trade was promoted

كُلُّ نَفْسٍ ذَآئِقَةُ الْمَوْتِ - Every Soul Must Have The Taste Of Death

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