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8. Write only the best answer in the Answer Book. Don’t reproduce the questions:

(1) Bahmani Kingdom was founded by:

(a) Imad-ul-Mulk Bahmani 1437

(b) Ala-ud-Din Bahman Shah in 1347

(c) Slah-ud-Din Bahman Shah in 1340.

(d) None of these

(2) Muhammad Tughluq ruled in India during the period

(a) 1326—1352 ‘ (b) 1325—1352 (C) 1322—1348 ‘ (d) None of these.

(3) Bahlol Lodhi died in:

(a) 1479 Guess (b) 1481 (c)1489 (d) None of these.

(4) "The Arab conquest of Sind was temporary event without any permanent effect". Commented by:

(a) Lanae Poole’ (b) V.A. Smith (c) Arun Bhattacharjee (d) None Of these.

(5) The author of Maasir-I-Jahangiri is:

(a) Khawaja Kamgar Husaaini. (b) M. Saqi Mustaid Khan Not sure
(c) Motamid Khan (d) None of these.

(6) Qutb-ud-Din was conferred the title of the ‘Sultan of Delhi’ by: ‘

(a) Muhammad Ghori (b) Sultan Mahmud

(C) Ghiyas-ud-Din Mahmud (d) ‘None of these.

(7) Shah Jehan died in:

(a) 1657 (b) 1658 (C) 1666 (e) None of these.

(8) The lovely Moti Masjid is located at:

(a) Agra (b) Delhi (c) Fatehpur Sekri (d) None of these.

(9) Francois Bernier was an/a

(a) English Traveler (b) French Physician

(c) Head of French missionary (d) None of these.

(10) Which city was named as’ Shah ‘Jahanabad:

(a) Agra ‘ (b) Delhi
(c) Ajmir (d) None of these.

(11) Mahmud Ghaznavi is described as "the first pioneer and path-finder for Islam in this country" by:

(a) Lane Poole (b) V.A. Smith
(c) S.R. Sharma (d) None of these.

(12) Sikandar Lodhi sends expedition to Malva in:

(a) 1510 (b) 1511 (c) 1513 (d) 1515

(13) Babar adopted the title of Padshah in:

(a) 1504 (b) 1506 (c) 1507 (d) ‘None of these.

(14) Shah Husain Arghun takes Multan in:

(a) 1521 (b) 1525 (c) 1524 (d) None of these.

(15) Humayun ascended the throne in 1530 at the age of:

(a) 20 (b) 21 (c) 22 (d) None of these.

(16) Buland Darwaza commemorate Akbar’s conquest of:

(a) Mewar (b) Bangal (C) Gujrat
(d) None of these.

(17) Behzad was a famous Persian:

(a) Writer ‘ (b) Painter (c) Poet (d) None these.

(18) Ranthambhor was surrendered in 1528 by:

(a) Rana’ Sanga (b) Bheam Singh (c) Bikramjit (c) None of these.

(19) Sher Shah ‘Proclaimed King in:

(a) 1539 (b) 1540 (c) 1541 (d) None of these.

(20) The Battle of Qanauj was fought between:

(a) Nusrat Shah and Sher Khan (b) Adil Shah and Sher Khan

(c) Humayun and Sher Khan (d) None of these.
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