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Default Request: Too wordy notes are difficult to read!!

Dear everyone in this forum!

Refering to Current Affairs and Pakistan affairs notes posted on this website!

I wish to request you regarding the very lengthy passages posted on this website as "notes".

I request you, please do not post very lengthy and wordy passages and documents on this website because they are too time consuiming to read and difficult to read especially on a computer screen (even on laptops)!!

Please use
plus-points and minus-points,
advantages and disadvantages, et cetera
as many as you can, so that a person like me does not have to spend a lot of time to just get main information!!

If you use this method then it make it easier to construct tables and charts and diagrams, etc. for Pak affairs and current affairs!

I request Last Island and other maoderators to consider my request!!
Thanx very much!

Fahad F. A.
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