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Originally Posted by sardonic View Post
Aoa...I wanted to enquire about candidates who were deffered due to being overweight...was there a set criteria or a weight chart etc for the candidates????
I am asking coz I recently suffered from a particular feminine problem and I have put up some weight which would definitely take some time to reduce, this thing about the candidates being deferred in the medical has cling to my nerves and I am finding it impossible to think positively about my upcoming psych and viva....

Kindly let me know if any one has any more information regarding this issue and all of you please do pray for my psych and viva

Moreover I would like to congratulate all those written qualifiers who have been deemed medically fit...regards
I don't think you ought to be worried too much as long as you are on a weight reduction regime and making steady progress. This i can relate from my own experience of the medical last year, in which deferred candidates were asked to re-appear some time down the line (approx 8 weeks later) and were given an opportunity to prove that they can get rid of the excess weight if given the time (even if it meant in the form of a tangible downwards trend without hitting the perfect weight).

So don't worry and just work it off at your own pace, things will turn out just fine. All the best.
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