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These essays include the topics which invite an agreeing or dissenting opinion: u may agree or disagree with the topic.if u chose to agree with the topic or disagree with it u hv to give some logical examples and assertions to prove that u r right in holding that opinion.if u fail to convince the assessor, u r supposed to flunk.
Ex: Islam is a religion of peace:- in this essay u either agree with the topic or not in any course of move u wl hv to convince the reader with some theoretical and practical examples in each and every paragraph.

In the argumentative essays ur INTRODUCTION should make it clear which way r u heading: agree with the topic or disagree.

Then when u move towards paragraphing,u hv to take care my friend.
each paragraph shud hv its own one line introductory statement, its own body and simple words, the introductory line shud give a statement of ur opinion, the body shud support it convincingly and the one line conclusion shud itself be sifting out clear and undisputable inference that this example or paragraph also proves that u r right in holding that opinion is.

The length of one paragraph in argumentative essays may extend up to a page but it shud hv its important components i just mentioned above.

Number of such paragraphs may be 6 and 7 to 10 and 12 depending on the nature of the topic.

The CONCLUSION should be of about 4 to 5 lines.always keep in mind that just a simple deviation from the topic or a mistake in conclusion can lead u to a grim failure.never at any place u hv to say that "YES IN SOME CASES WE CAN SAY THAT IT IS NOT SO":simply, some people make a blunder by giving a little space to the opinion they hv disagreed with in their whole should be avoided.this mistake is often made by some brilliant students who try to cover the topic from all the angles.when they hv attempted their essays, they come out with the statements that today they hv covered the essay from all its aspects and there is no way that the examiner wl fail them.but when the result is declared,they are the unfortunate casualties in the competition.they can't believe what went wrong.

This is the whole story abt the argumentative essays.i hope that u all my friends would hv got sth new there was a lot of talk about the argumentative essays, so i hv contributed a little to u all.

Originally Posted by Sabah Hunzai View Post
It seems to me, such types of essays are easy to takle with.


you have to show both sides of a coin, by giving reasons with which the argumentors, on either side, are stick with.
then put you intellectual weight with solid reasons on a side which seems to you logical, factual or more convincing.

then conclude.

this is what I perceive or can sketch out an argumentative essay.

seniors: what about this approach? please, comment
hey dear just go through my post about argumentative essays.
its not an easy job to tackle these argumentative essays sir.
u hv to be calculating while attempting at these essays.
if u handle it well, yes then we can say that they r easy.otherwise, their mishandling is really the basic cause of most of the candidates' failure.
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