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Smile Waziristan Operation Challenges and Opportunities (Important Notes)

Waziristan Challenges and Opportunities (Important Points)By Lt. Col. (Rtd) Muhammad Shahbaz


In 1936, a wazir young man abducted a girl and fled to Waziristan. British government started its operation to establish their write in the area. Mr. Faqir started Jihad against them

In 1937, British took over the area and Faqir run away to Afghanistan. Birith Army was withdrawn to fight in Burma, Africa, Europe. So there was peace in 1941-1945.

A committee headed by Gen. Franceis Tuker was made to analyse whether british should stay in the area or withdraw it forces. In early 1947 Army was withdrawn on the recommendation of the committee.


No new social contract was signed by the new government of the Pakistan nor was the area given a status of province. Tribal had expressed their views to join Pakistan through referendum but Pakistan lost the opportunity to give them a status of province.

Mr. Faqir started Jihad against Pakistani government on the pretext of Pakhtunistan in 1949. Two army brigades entered the area and made Mr. Faqir run away to Afghanistan again.

In early 50s, Once again army was withdrawn from the area leaving that a safe heaven for the criminal from all over Pakistan.

During Zia era when so called Jihad started (1979-1989), people are given trainings in Waziristan and sent to Afghanistan for Jihad.

After 9/11 those trained people run away from Afghanistan and made their hidouts in Waziristan. Those people include foreigners fighting Jihad in Afghanistan as well. Then government (Musharaff) did not pay its attention to this severe problem and let these people to settle down in the area. These people started killing Maliks and getting power in the region.

The local government system further weakened the situation.
It is said that RAW/CIA is involved in tribal areas by Indian consulates in Afghanistan. Resent vacation of NATO forces along Durand line is out of sense. It seems that they want Pakistan

Pakistan to be busy in western border, so that India becomes free to contain China

US can withdrew from Afghanistan and keep tow Muslims countries fighting each other as was done in case of Cambodia and Iraq


The situation is worsening then ever. Pakistan needs to take some quick steps to get the loyalty of tribal. Tribal are loyal people but terrorists are blackmailing them. They are fed up with terrorists. Need of the hour is to try to win over the local tribes. Involve people in decision making and empowering them

All stakeholders meeting should be held by PM to formulate a national strategy

Political activities should be started in FATA

Committee to be formed to write a new social contract for FATA

Election should be held like rest of country

Self respect of common man should be restored

Assistance to IDPs should be with respect and honour, their dignity, ethics and norms must be observed

All political parties should establish their offices in FATA.

Development works should be started on priority basis

(Source: World Times Magazine December 2009)
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