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Default My Interview (16-02-2010, @ 11:30 am)

Chairman started the conversation by asking me about city of my birth and my early schooling. After that formal questioning started...


Q: You opted for Sindhi as your optional, tell me a good book for History of Sindh?
Q: What is the real message of the poets of sindh like Shah Latif and Sachal?
Q: How and why Muhammad Bin Qasim invaded Sindh?
Q: What were the reforms of Shah Jahan?

Suhail Safdar:

Q: How removal of subsidies helping our economy?
Q: Tell me about NFC Award and how the current NFC is a landmark achievement?

Asif Shah:

Q: You completed your graduation in 2005, what you have been doing since then?
Q: You have a background of IT, tell me how you would benefit Police Department?
Q: What is Visual Culture?
Q: One question was regarding the decision which I took...

Saud Gohar:

Q: related to the difference with parents.
Q: What is this latest issue of appointment of judges?
Little counter questioning here by Saud Gohar......

Thats all I remember right now..... I hope that it will be helpful!!!!!

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