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What is hadood Ordinance:- Hudood Ordinance is a law, which is perceived to be discriminating against women.

details:-The Hudood Ordinance criminalizes all extra-marital sex. Even when the woman claims that she was raped and not involved in adultery, she must have four pious male witnesses to prove rape, but only Muslim men can testify in cases involving Muslim women (non-Muslim rape victims require four non-Muslim male witnesses). But if four witnesses are not provided by the woman but rape is proved by other means (e.g medical evidence) then the jury can punish the accused according to the Pakistani penal court. For married couples, the punishment for adultery is death by stoning but this has never been carried out. Unmarried people receive 100 lashes.

This ordinance is often misused against rape victims if they are not able to provide four male witnesses. In such an event, the alleged rapist accuses the raped woman of confessing to consensual intercourse.

Women and men convicted of Zina may ask Allah's forgiveness and vow never to commit this sin again, and they will be pardoned. For does not Allah (SWT) say in the Quran: "But, if they ask for Our forgiveness, leave them alone, for Allah is the most merciful."

The Hudood Ordinance also criminalises drinking alcohol and punishes it along with theft. Drinking is punished with 80 lashes; the punishment for theft is physical mutilation: the right hand is cut off.

Is It islamic or not:
Well according to some experts. there is hadood in our Holy book and Sunnah, but this ordinance is make after some changes.
According to Religoius Scholor Dr.M.Tufail Hashmi: Hudood Ordinance is based on four laws and has 101 clauses. Out of its 101 clauses, 83 have nothing to do with the Hudood. 18 clauses are connected with Hudood but then again, these donot conform to the Holy book and neither do they relate to sunnah. The entire Hudood ordinance is , therefore, made by humans but we attribute it to Allah.
According to Moulana M.Hasan Jan:On one hand there is the Shariat Hudood in which there can be no changes. Then there is the Hudood Ordinance which is made by man. Hudood ordinance cannot be called Hudood Allah in its entirety.
According To Khaild Msood "Chairman, Islamic Ideologu Council": Hudood Ordinance is a law like any other law, it cannot be called a Divine Law. It is made bu humans and it can, therefore have weaknesses, even flaws.

Conclusion: According to Experts and facts, we can conclude that Hudood Ordinance is not fully Islamic.

Was it politicised?
yes it is politcised. we should consider it as a law.
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