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Default Political Science 2010




(PART-II)…………2 Hours & 30 Minutes……..MAXIMUM MARKS:80


Q.1. Select the best option and fill in the appropriate box on the Answer Sheet. (20)

i . The sovereignty Islamic Political system belongs to:

a. Majlis-e-Shura
b. Caliph
c. Muslim population
d. None of these

ii. The founder of communism is:

a. Plato
b. Karl Marx
c. Mao-Tse-TUNG
d. None of these

iii. Allama Iqbal was elected as a member of Punjab Legislative Council in:

a. 1919
b. 1926
c. 1935
d. None of these

iv. According to Plato the population of an ideal state should be:

a. 5040
b. 50400
c. 50040
d. None of these

v. Opposite of private law is:

a. International Law
b. Public Law
c. Common Law
d. None of these

vi. INITIATIVE and RECALL methods oftenly used in:

a. Great Britain
b. India
c. China
d. None of these

vii. It is normally the technique of pressure groups to impress the legislature:

a. Canvassing
b. Lobbying
c. Propaganda
d. None of these

viii. John Austin presented his history of sovereignty in a book which was published in:

a. 1632
b. 1732
c. 1832
d. None of these

ix. Single Transferable vote system was suggested for proportional representation by:

a. Thomas Hare
b. Lord Courney
c. J.S. Mill
d. None of these

x. Principle of Collective responsibility is a feature of:

a. Federal System
b. Presidential System
c. Parliamentary System
d. None of these

xi. Keemyae-Saadat was written by:

a. Nizam-ul-Mulk Toosi
b. Imam Ghazali
c. Allama Iqbal
d. None of these

xii. The word “Democracy” has been derived from the language:

a. Greek
b. Latin
c. English
d. None of these

xiii. Abu Nasar Farabi died in the year:

a. 750 A.D
b. 850 A.D
c. 950 A.D
d. None of these

xiv. Waliud Din Abdur Rahman famously known as:

a. Ibne Khaldun
b. Ghizale
c. Al Marwardi
d. None of these

xv. The book “Govt. and Politics in Pakistan” is written by:

a. Mughtaq Ahmad
b. Khalid bin Saeed
c. Larence Zairing
d. None of these

xvi. The term POLITY is originally applied to:

a. Roman City States
b. Greek City States
c. United States of America
d. None of these

xvii. The famous book “The Spirit of Laws” written by Montesquieu was published in:

a. 1734 A.D
b. 1754 A.D
c. 1784 A.D
d. None of these

xviii. The Greek philosopher Aristotle died in:

a. 322 B.C
b. 332 B.C
c. 384 B.C
d. None of these

xix. The book “Sairul Malook” was written by:

a. Al Farabi
b. Al Marwardi
c. Al Ghizali
d. None of these

xx. Benito Mussolini was the originator of:

a. National Socialism
b. Guild Socialism
c. Fascism
d. None of these



i. PART – II is to be attempted on the separate Answer Book.
ii. Attempt only FOUR questions from PART –II. Selecting at least TWO questions from EACH SECTION. All questions carry EQUAL marks.
iii. Extra attempt of any question or any part of the attempted question will not be considered.


Q.2. “Is it correct to call Machiavelli citizen of all states and contemporary of all ages”. Argue.

Q.3. “Aristotle was great but not grateful student of Plato”. Comment.

Q.4. “Al-Marwardi brought constitutional theory of Islam in line with political reality of his time.” Discuss this with reference to his views on ‘Khlafat’ and Wizarate’.

Q.5. Write short notes on the following.

i. Ideal State of Al-Farabi
ii. Iqbal’s views on Ijtehad


Q.6. “An Ideal Islamic State is bound to bring revolutionary changes in all spheres of human life.” Discuss

Q.7. Would you agree if it is stated that dictatorship is the only remedy for social, political and economic instability in a developing country?

Q.8. Write short notes on the following:

i. Attributes of Sovereignty
ii. Opinion Polls.

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