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Post Muslim Law and Jurisprudence Paper 2010

Q 1. Objective Part
1. Sale of goods for goods is:

(a) Muraba (b) Muqayada (c) Musawama (d) None of these

2. The four schools of thought were founded during the reign of:

(a) Abbasids (b) Mughals (c) Fatimids (d) None of these

3. Book by Imam Bukhari contains about ______ authentic traditions:

(a) 7000 (b) 9700 (c) 12500 (d) None of these

4. Status of a Mufti used to be that of a:

(a) Draftsman (b) Legislator (c) Law Officer (d) None of these

5. Analogy is rule of ______:

(a) Deduction (b) Interpretation (c) Translation (d) None of these

6. Atonement for the non-discharge of an obligation is ______:

(a) Khiraj (b) Kafara (c) Ta’azir (d) None of these

7. Revelation is the ______ source of Islmaic law:

(a) Only (b) Secondary (c) Primary (d) None of these

8. There are ______ Sunni Schools of law:

(a) 3 (b) 5 (c) 7 (d) None of these

9. A woman is disqualified for the office of a Qadi according to ______ :

(a) Shafi’s (b) Hanafis (c) Malikis (d) None of these

10. The application of Muhammadan Law to non-muslims is entirely
______ :

(a) Personal (b) Customary (c) Arbitrary (d) None of these

11. Shariat Application Act 1962 deals with ______ :

(a) Customary Law (b) Legislative Law (c) Personal Law (d) None of these

12. Each heir is liable to the debts of a deceased ______ :

(a) Exclusively (b) Severally (c) Not beyond 1/3 (d) None of these

13. Which of these properties is not heritable:

(a) Movable (b) Ancestral (c) Self acquired (d) None of these

14. Deceased survived by son’s son and a daughter. Daughter will get
______ :

(a) 1/2 (b) 1/3 (c) 1/4 (d) None of these

15. A minor of sound mind is capable of disposing of his property by will to
the extent of:

(a) 1/3 (b) Full (c) 3/4 (d) None of these

16. A gift of unborn person is ______ :

(a) Valid (b) Void (c) Voidable (d) None of these

17. Talab-e-Mowasbat is made ______ :

(a) Before sale (b) Before court (c) Before decree (d) None of these

18. A marriage with a woman before completion of her Iddat is ______ :

(a) Irregular (b) Void (c) Voidable (d) None of these

19. Legitimacy may be presumed from ______ :

(a) Presumptive marriage (b) Custom (c) School certificate (d) None of


20. Failing the mother, the custody of a boy under the age of seven years

belongs to:

(a) Father (b) Paternal uncle (c) Brother’s wife (d) None of these

Subjective Part

Q 2. Can a modern legislation be used for consensus of opinion? Elaborate
your answer with reasons.

Q 3.
What is the meaning of Islamic Jurisprudence? Compare it with that
of Western or Secular Jurisprudence.

Q 4.
Discuss “Shura and Sovreignty” under Islamic Constitution.

Q 5.
What are distinguishing features of gift from will?

Q 6.
Who has got the prior right of custody of a minor in case of dispute of between father and mother?

Q 7.
In certain question the rule of decision shall be the Muslim Personal Law (Shariat) in cases where the parties are Muslims. Discuss with reference to relevant law.

Q 8.
Write short notes on:

(a) Istihsan

(b) Analogy

(c) Lian

(d) Escheat
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