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Originally Posted by amubarak View Post
A lot of interview questions depends on the mood of interviewers, your number for interview that day, the performance of the candidate who've been interviewed before you and so on.
I too am worried over the issue u raised that when u appear before the interview panel after say 500 candidate has already expressed his views before the panel. Now as at least half the questions they asked u r repeated time n again to various candidates nd it really becomes tough to present something entirely new which no one earlier has said.
Don't u think that this gives an unfair advantage to the persons appearing earlier n do the panel members take this thing into account????

Originally Posted by amubarak View Post

physical geogprahy is about facts and if you can draw neat diagrams thats an added bonus, i dont think it should make a very big difference if u didnt place equator running exactly through northern brazil...but i hope you didnt draw the line through southern argentina
Ney it certainly wasn't that much displaced. As i was short of tym n never have been good with drawing so i guess it may be passing through southern trip of Brazil but not any further down
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