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Originally Posted by amubarak View Post
@ S. Ranjha: There is no need to take the pressure of 500 candidates who have been interviewed before you; the interview board will view you as the same. Talking about national and international issues is not rocket science, the ones before you didnt say any thing special; neither will you. Try not to be over smart when answering questions. They just need to know you are up to date. If you dont know about something they ask, tell them so and its no big deal.
U see that is the point regarding which i want ur views.(U have just reproduced my question in some better words i'd say)

As u elaborated that the ideas those 500 people might have conveyed before me or i ll are more or less of same quality n stuff. Here is my concern that if the answers are more or less same then the ones who get chance in early period have advantage as their ideas appear fresher nd new ones. But after hearing the same stuff for 100 times a person ll get bored(as per normal human psychie) nd those ideas ll not appear attractive to him anymore resulting in low grade assessment( for the same stuff which might have been produced by earlier people nd might have fetch them better grades).
How do panel members address this issue???
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