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Default My interview

bhagwandas: what is honor killing?
why is round table called round table?? would anyone plz explain this??
what reforms would u bring?
what is battle of panipat?
wat is 18th amendendment n all...
what is the punishment of murderer?
should judical commision be formed ??
17th amendement?

asif shah: subjects of ELT
reasons of water crises in pak?
reasons of energy crises?
abot baluchistan package?

suhal safdar: why does sociolization takes place ususally in middle class??
wht is eco and sco...everything about it .
jornalism and pre partition journalist and their books.

saud gaur: about suicide attacks and drone attacks.
why pak is not in position to tell US to stop these??

it was 35 min long ..and so many questions....

Everyone please prepare your optionals and current affairs as well..
may ALLAH fulfill everyone's desires and wishes..
Do not lose faith in ALLAH no matter how many hardships you face.
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