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Default Secret of impressive writing

Originally Posted by terminator View Post
As I went along the post of cyrus, I thought that guy is the preacher of loftiness of hardworking and is injecting fresh hope in the dejected and victimized candidates of SPSC. He, in his first few lines, sounded the tower of optimisim and was sending clarion calls to the preys of passimism to grid up their loins and not to lend ear to unfounded and ridiculous rumours. But in the end the truth came out of his words "though keep working hard and keep hope in Allah but don't expect anything good from SPSC". This is what all on this forum have been clamouring. The truth is truth. SPSC is a handmaid of corrupts; be it politicians or bureaucrats. It is ready to trade the toils of the meritorious candidates to safeguard their own interests. When vultures are tearing apart their prey, crows also manage to secure few flesh pieces.
Murder of merit is worse than homicide. If a person is killed, all his account of pleasures and pains is closed. But when the merit of a meritorious person is murdered, he keeps on dying every moment of his life till he gets some recompense. Not only he keeps dying but all those around him who pin hopes in him also die. The hope that their son would one day get a job and shed their hunger and miseries.
But it must not be construed that one should stop one's efforts in the face of gloom. Our only weapon in our quest of a blissful job is hard-work. If we lost that weapon too then everyone would blame us for our defeat.
Terminator you have got powerfull writing style. Can you tell me the secret of this excellent language which you posses?
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